Can you hunt a hibernating bear in Arkansas? | Verify

A post circulating on social media is creating confusion for Arkansas hunters. So much that one of them emailed our verify team for answers.

This hunter wishes to remain anonymous, but saw something on social media that created alarm. It involves bear hunting, and her question is: “Facebook posts have been saying that Congress has now made it legal to kill hibernating bears. Is this true?”

It’s a great question, and the subject matter has been on fire online for the last couple of years.  And if you Google search, you really can’t find a clear answer. But we did.

In April 2017 President Trump signed a house joint resolution allowing it, but only in the state of Alaska in certain situations, on certain pieces of property.

In Arkansas, there is a healthy bear population and bear season happens in the fall, well-before hibernation.  

We can verify that killing a bear in it’s den is illegal in Arkansas. 

“You are not allowed to hunt a hibernating bear in Arkansas,” Game and Fish commission spokesperson Trey Reid said. “Our bear season takes place by design before the bears go into their dens to hibernate in the winter.” 

Again, we can verify once they are in their den, it is illegal in Arkansas to hunt a bear in hibernation.

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