15-year-old Tamera’s Christmas wish is a loving, patient family

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — At the top of 15-year-old Tamera’s gift list this Christmas is a place to call home.

“I like to do stuff, I just don’t like being at home bored.”

On this particular day, Tamera was treated to what every 15-year-old girl loves: a makeover. She said some people say she doesn’t need makeup— and it’s true, she’s gorgeous.

She’s also quiet at first, but once you break the ice and Tamera trusts you, she easily opens up. She spoke about how hard it was being separated from her brothers.

As far as Christmas is concerned… “I didn’t really have anything on my list,” she said. 

But she really does have something on her list. Tamera desperately wants a family.

“I like to sing, I like to dance, I want a big sister.” 

A big sister— and a patient family. 

“I don’t like people who are mean to me. I want the same respect, like they do.”

Sadly, she’s had her share. Tamera has some intellectual delays, so she’ll need people who can look past that and meet her where she is.  

She is ready.

“I just want people who loves me.”

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