Students, parents surprise retiring Cabot school bus driver with heartfelt goodbyes

CABOT, Ark. — Bill Pay is retiring after being a Cabot school bus driver for more than 10 years. On Friday, he took his final ride.

As he pulled into the parking garage one last time, a special group of Greystone parents and students gathered to surprise him with a heartwarming goodbye.

“He calls every child by name every single day when they get on the bus,” said Debra Thrasher, a parent of one of Pay’s bus riders. “And it’s just a little special touch that makes the kids feel like they’re important and they matter.”

The families were able to gather $750 to give to Mr. Pay as a ‘Thank You’ gift.

“It’s very special to me that he takes such great care of our kids. And I have never worried a day, since the first day I met him,” Thrasher added.

Pay said he started working for Cabot schools after his wife told him they really needed school bus drivers.

“So, I showed up and they put me in a bus,” Pay said.

It was as simple as that… and it made all the difference

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