Arkansas woman on-board one of two cruise ships collided in Cozumel

JACKSONVILLE, Arkansas — A Jacksonville resident was onboard one of the two carnival cruise ships that collided in Cozumel Friday.

It left 6 people injured and many asking what could have gone wrong.

Lauren Shillcutt made her way home to Jacksonville from New Orleans after her vacation went terribly wrong.

“This was my first cruise so I really didn’t know what to expect,” Shillcutt said.

Safety soon became the top concern for passengers onboard the ship.

“I was in my room, had just woken up and I was in a bunk bed. I was climbing down my ladder and I just started feeling shaking. It was kind of loud, it just felt really rough, like the boat was grinding against something.” 

Her family was left with more questions when they saw the damaged ship. 

“We got off probably in the next 20 or 30 minutes or so to go to Cozumel, and we all walk outside and it’s completely torn apart.”

They had collided with another Carnival ship, damaging the dining room she and her family had eaten in every night before.

“We were watching them pull all the steel and stuff off. All the windows… they were having to break out glass with hammers,” she said.

Shillcutt is still waiting to hear what’s being done to prevent this from happening again. 

“I would like to know what actually happened and that’s something we haven’t been told.”

Carnival Cruise said its Carnival Glory ship made an allision with the Tampa-based Carnival Legend while it was trying to dock in Cozumel. 

Despite this unfortunate event, Lauren does plan to go on a cruise in the future and hopefully have a better experience. 

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