Local Kroger hands out cookies and water to long lines after nationwide malfunction

ARKANSAS, USA — According to Maumelle community members, a local Kroger started handing out water and cookies while they waited in line this morning after a seemingly nation-wide Kroger credit card malfunction.

Long lines were reported from Maumelle to Hot Springs, warning those wanting to get in some last-minute holiday shopping to avoid Kroger due to the ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas: standstill grocery store lines only taking cash or check. 

One resident of Maumelle commented on a public post reiterating the warning said, “My wife is in line amidst it all RIGHT NOW!! I told her to start a flash mob and break out with ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’, ya know, to just lighten the mood….she never responded back to me, wonder why.”

According to reports from as far as Houston, some shoppers who didn’t have enough cash found themselves with the same headache by waiting in more long lines at ATM machines. 

Kroger acknowledged in a tweet replying to a customer that the grocery store is “experiencing issues with our credit card system.”

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There have been local reports that the system is up and running again, however, Kroger has not officially stated that to be the case yet.

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