Arkansas 7-year-old girl reunited with flight crew who saved her life

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — A local Survival Flight crew proved to a little girl that heroes live among us.

7-year-old Rosalyn reunited with those who she calls heroes this Christmas.

Just two months ago they were total strangers until a fateful day brought them into her care.

“I remember you,” said Rosalyn to Lacey Holly, her flight nurse. 

arkansas 7-year-old reunited with flight crew

arkansas 7-year-old reunited with flight crew


Lacy, Brandon Herron, paramedic, and Michael Hambrecht, pilot, were the Survival Flight crew from Hot Springs who airlifted Rosalyn from a fatal crash in Dequeen to Children’s Hospital back in October.

The crew said a drunk driver hit her family head-on, killing her mom, father, and big sister.

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“It was a tragic day,” said Rosalyn’s grandfather. “Coming up on that wreck and seeing your babies like that, it was awful.”

Rosalyn’s grandparents are now raising her after making a miraculous recovery.

“She had multiple injuries, broken bones, skull fracture, ruptured spleen,” said her grandfather.

“This is where you rode with us,” said Herron, showing Rosalyn around the helicopter.

Her flight nurses said when they found out Rosalyn would make a full recovery, the had to see her again.

“Ms. Lacey sat right there with you, and I sat right next to her,” said Herron, showing Rosalyn the seating arraignments on her flight.

“We have something for you,” said Holly.

The crew gave Rosalyn a card with a note of encouragement inside, along with a gift.

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“It’s a necklace,” said Holly.

Rosalyn found the piece of jewelry carved in the shape of angel wings.

”You can always wear this and remember you have a guardian angel,” said Holly.

The wings represent those in her family who live on in Rosalyn’s heart this Christmas.

“We will always remember this day, she will always remember this day,” said Rosalyn’s grandfather.

After the reunion, the flight crew took Rosalyn out for a shopping spree.