Arkansas towing company provides free service during New Year celebrations

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Being out on the roads after midnight on New Year’s Day has always been a major safety concern. 

Instead of driving home drunk or calling an Uber, one Arkansas towing company is offering another alternative.

J Hook Towing and Recovery in North Little Rock is providing a free service for people who need a lift home. They’ll get you and your car home safely after a night of New Year’s partying.

Why does the company provide this service for free?

“We could make a lot of money, but we’re very concerned about getting people home safely and not having and traffic accidents,” said General Manager Tim Moody.

J Hook has been providing the free New Year’s Eve towing service for 10 years.

So if you’re out on the town and need a ride, call (501) 955-2400. The phone will be answered all throughout the night. You’ll talk to Tim Moody directly and he’ll arrange a safe pick-up for you.

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