These are the 11 best movies of 2019

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The last two months of 2019 have been filled with movies that are not only the best of the year but perhaps the best of the decade!

It’s been insane trying to catch all of these movies while also staying up on all the latest Baby Yoda memes and the Star Wars discourse.

Marriage Story

“It’s a sad portrayal of a marriage lost in art and the absence of words. But Marriage Story is hopeful, showing that while divorce may suck you may come out the other end a better person.

Not only for you, but for your child as well.

This may be the best movie of the year and you can watch it at home on Netflix. The best of both worlds.”


The best way to describe Parasite is that it’s a comedy-horror-thriller and that’s Bong Joon-ho’s bread and butter.

Before the Oscars are handed out, you definitely need to see this. 

Knives Out

There’s a reason Johnson is regarded as this generation’s greatest filmmakers and it doesn’t seem like the weird online backlash to The Last Jedi ruined his love for filmmaking.

The Irishman

The best way to view this movie is in two sittings. Martin Scorsese delivers an epic that is the different side of the same coin of his gangster movies.

There is nothing glamorous here, bringing a sad and oftentimes brutally beautiful look at the gangster life.


The strength of this film relies heavily on the wonderful performances of Nyong’o. She proves why she won an Oscar and it’s clear she is a once in a lifetime talent that must be in every single movie ever.

With Us, Peele not only appeals to the average moviegoer with a great horror film, but he puts enough cinematic magic in it that film nerds will be deconstructing the film for years to come.


Booksmart is one of those movies that comes along and makes needed changes to a genre while also adhering to what makes that genre so great to begin with.

Olivia Wilde’s first film is an absolute must-watch comedy. 


This movie is not going to be for everyone. 

We will only recommend it to people who love a slow burn movie that is less reliant on jump scares and focuses more on the dread that is lacking in many modern horrors.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

At the core of it all, the film relies heavily on its actors and folks, they deliver. DiCaprio, Pitt and Robbie brings all their best skills to this movie to make the slow burn absolutely worth it.

The Farewell

The Farewell is one of those movies you’ll see during award season and say “…huh, I never saw that one.” DON’T DO THAT. This movie, written and directed by Lulu Wang, is a hidden gem not to be missed.

Ad Astra

Ad Astra is jam packed with great, subtle acting from Ruth Negga, Tommy Lee Jones, Liv Tyler and Donald Sutherland, but it is Pitt who delivers the performance of a lifetime. 

He is stoic but emotional in a way that Pitt rarely allows beyond his usual cool gaze. This year truly is the year of Pitt.

Uncut Gems

If you can imagine Adam Sandler in a movie long anxiety attack, then you’ve successfully imagined Uncut Gems.

He doesn’t do drama often, but when Sandler does it is always an award-worthy performance and Uncut Gems is no different.

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