The family of Keundra Allen remembers his life and legacy

JACKSONVILLE, Ark — Thursday morning, Rita Kimble got a call saying that her grandson, Keundra Allen had been stabbed to death by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony Ballett.

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According to police reports, Ballett had gone to Allen’s apartment earlier that day and had an altercation with Allen. 

It was assumed Ballett had left the property until the couple heard something from outside.

“Being the man that Keundra is, he got up to go check it out. When he came out and walked around the door, the man was standing on the side of the house and stabbed him,” said Kimble. “He was just right there, and to me personally that’s what I call a coward.” 

Allen was stabbed multiple times in the face, chest, and back. It is reported that his girlfriend came outside and that’s when Ballett walked away from the scene.

“His girlfriend came to me saying Keundra died a hero. In her eyesight, he is a hero to her,” said Kimble. “But to the rest of the family, he died just because. Because, I think there could have been another way to deal with it.”

Keundra’s family says they will lean on each other during this hard time, but they will never get over their loss.

“He was not a troubled kid. He was not a troubled man, you know. He was not a troublemaker. It was always a delight to be around him. We always had fun. This is just hard,” said Schikella Harris, Keundra’s aunt.

Anthony Ballett is charged with capital murder, and is behind bars in Benton County. He has been denied bond and is scheduled back in court on Feb. 3.

Funeral arrangements for Keundra Allen have not been set yet.

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