Arkansas officer buys groceries for family after parents attempt to steal them

FORT SMITH, Ark. — On November 30, Field Training Officer Kenneth Martin with the Fort Smith Police Department and another officer were dispatched to a local Walmart when a couple shoplifted groceries with their kids present.

The man was taken into custody, but the woman was released with their children.

Bodycam footage shows Officer Martin paying for the couple’s groceries they attempted to steal. “They’re stealing food and they’ve got kids,” Martin could be heard saying. 

He mentioned how he “had to take him to jail,” referencing the kids’ father, but that he didn’t want the kids to think negatively of the incident. 

Officer Martin then brought the groceries to the woman and her children.

“I took care of these for you, ok?” he said. “I understand this is food and things that you need, but ask for some help. Don’t do this with these babies.”

Officer Martin has been named the January Employee of the Month at the Fort Smith Police Department for his act of kindness.

Content sourced from our Northwest Arkansas sister station 5 NEWS.

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