Central Arkansas cities prepare for potential heavy rain this weekend

CONWAY, Ark. — Cities like Conway are preparing for heavy rainfall by making sure drains and roads are clear.

“It’s going to rain about three or four inches, Conway is pretty much prepared,” Bobby Kelly said.

Bobby Kelly, a spokesperson for Conway, said crews are at work this week clearing ditches and drains.

“Common issues around Conway and I’m sure other cities are like this. We have all kinds of trash!” Kelly said. “This morning we found shopping carts!”

This leads to potential flooding down the line.

“All of that trash has a tendency to stick together…is the best way to put it…and it forms dams,” Kelly said.

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This is why Conway is asking you to report anything that may cause problems this weekend.

“If you see something say something. Let’s say your area is okay, you feel good about it. But if you notice there’s an area around your home or business that isn’t draining like it normally should, there might be something down in there,” Kelly said.

If you do make a call to the transportation department, they’ll send out a robotic camera to check out what’s wrong.

“It allows us to go underneath the ground. Drop a pin where the issue is,” Kelly said.

Conway started using this robotic camera last year, and just recently purchased this van to get jobs done quickly.

“It dramatically improved our turnaround time in terms of finding issues and fixing issues. That way we can go above it and fix the use without excavating someone’s front yard,” Kelly said.

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Kelly said it’s been useful preparing for the weekend.

 “So we’re really prompting the idea that if you please call us, we can really fix all this stuff,” he said.

If you have an issue you’d like to report and live in Conway, call 501-450-6165. Little Rock Public Works is also out working to clear storm drains this week. If you have an issue there, call 311.