Dan + Shay invite Cabot family to concert after heartwarming viral video

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Dan + Shay are officially inviting the Powell family to their show at Simmons Bank Arena after watching a viral video of a Cabot boy singing to his baby brother who has Down Syndrome.

The duo posted a video on Facebook saying they want to meet the family and even invited them to their concert on September 17 in Little Rock.

“It warmed our hearts to know that 10,000 Hours was the soundtrack to this wonderful moment,” they said.

In the video that went viral, Rayce sings the lyrics to the song while holding his baby brother Tripp.

It’s that heartwarming connection that not only touched the hearts of Dan + Shay but millions of people across social media.

“Love doesn’t count chromosomes,” said Nicole Powell, the son’s mother, “or as Rayce says, ‘Aren’t we all different?'”

And Dan + Shay have their own Arkansas connection. Shay was born and raised in northwest Arkansas and was even married in the state to his wife Hannah, a former Miss Arkansas USA!

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