Film-maker from Arkansas brings ‘Love Them First’ documentary to Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A film-maker from Arkansas brought his award-winning documentary to downtown Little Rock for a special showing.

“Love Them First” was made by Ben Garvin and the team at our sister station in Minneapolis.

It follows an elementary school principal who works tirelessly to bring her students and teachers out of a bad situation.

“As journalists, we have a certain power,” Garvin said. “We have a power to show and highlight whomever we see in our community and this was a chance to find someone who was really doing extraordinary things for children of color. For children in our community, but also across the country, she can be a model.”

Garvin also said he and his co-workers wanted to tell this story after meeting the principal on a routine assignment, but they knew they couldn’t do it justice in a short segment.

It took them two years to complete this film.

If you’d like to watch the documentary, it’s now available on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

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