Greenbrier veteran in need after disagreement leaves him and wife with nothing

GREENBRIER, Ark. — A man who gave his all for our country needs your help now after he lost it all.

A Greenbrier veteran was left in the dust and with the help of community comradery, he can get back on his feet. 

The veteran, who wishes to keep his name private, and his wife were living with his son for a year, but when that living situation didn’t work out a neighbor told them to rent the piece of land across from her. 

Patricia Terry, Combat Vets Motorcycle Association Public Relations Officer, said what the veteran and his wife thought was going to be a better life took a turn for the worse. 

“It’s not a situation anybody should be in and it’s definitely not a situation one of our veterans should be in,” she said. 

Terry said a man who spent 10 years of his life fighting for our freedom is now left with a home that is barely holding on. 

“They’re living in this portable building that’s 12 by 42,” she said. 

Terry said they moved away to have a better life. The veteran and his wife hired a contractor to get their electricity, plumbing and mobile shed in place. 

“So they get out there, he leaves and they’re left with a mess,” she said. 

Terry said a disagreement broke out and the contractor left unexpectedly, leaving the couple in their 70’s out two thousand dollars and their home torn apart. 

“They’re going to food pantries and church pantries and stuff like that, just to try to get by,” she said. 

Terry said they are struggling to make it daily with their yard covered in things the contractor left behind and no electricity or running water.

“The things we take for granted. The things that him as a veteran, he should absolutely have access to,” she said. 

Terry said with one thing after another falling apart, their caregiver and neighbor sent out a cry for help on Facebook last week and that’s when Combat Vets Motorcycle Association took charge. 

“The phrase ‘come hell or high water,’ that’s where it comes into play,” she said. 

Terry said knowing one of their own was in need, the group has spent the last week collecting items for the couple and trying to get the shed feeling like a home.

“You can tell just by looking at their eyes, you could tell their spirits were being lifted just a little bit and a little bit,” she said. 

This close-knit community of people, who risked their lives for our country, are bringing hope into the life of one of their battle line brothers. 

“Whatever we have to do, that’s what we’re doing,” Terry said. 

Things they are looking for right now are living room furniture, a stove and a fridge. 

If you would like to donate these items you can email 

If you’d like to donate money the PayPal information is: and make sure you tag funds with “Greenbrier veteran in need.”

They are also accepting gift cards for Lowe’s and Home Depot and you can mail those cards to the address below:

  • 1007 Mtn. View Dr. 
  • Benton, AR 72019

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