Little Rock’s Black Angus restaurant forced to find new location by property owners

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Little’s Rock’s burger joint Black Angus has been serving customers since 1960. But, they’ll have to move out of their location and find a new home.

Owner Karla Creasy knows almost everyone’s order before they get to the counter.

Tuesday, many arrived with questions about where and why the restaurant is moving.

“We’re lookin’ so hard and we’re goin’ to get it,” Creasy said about finding a new location.

She said the new owners of the building and property, Premier Gastroenterology Associates, are forcing them out.

We reached out to the property owners but hadn’t heard back by 5 p.m.  

“The first lease I was presented with did not have net term numbers. They just opened, so they didn’t know what their property maintenance number was,” Creasy said.

The news was surprising to Creasy.

“I felt like maybe they were going to operate two or three months and then, maybe, they were going to come back and offer a net term lease. Maybe one that I could look at and visualize and accept. And instead, we were served an eviction,” Creasy said.

Their exit date will be March 31st.

“I don’t even know what we have to do. I mean, I’ve never been in this position before,” Creasy said.

Hundreds of customers are showing support on the Black Angus Facebook page, and even recommending places to re-locate.

“Our customers are all long-term, long-time, good people,” Creasy said.

Paul Doherty has been a customer since he was 17 years old.

“I hate this is happening to her, it’s not right,” Doherty said.

He will follow them wherever they go.

“The food’s great, it’s always consistent, very friendly, fast service and anything they can do to help you they’ll do it. They’re like family,” Doherty said.

 “That’s Arkansas and the small business community, we rally together,” Creasy said.

If a new location for the restaurant is found, it will be posted on the Black Angus Facebook page.

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