US Marshals search small Texas town for accused Arkansas murderer’s remains

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — According to our Dallas, Texas, affiliate WFAA, the U.S. Marshals are searching for the remains of an Arkansas man accused of killing his ex-fiance in 2017.

35-year-old Lori Hannah was found dead in her Ward home on March 23, 2017. Hannah’s ex-fiancé, Brian Keith Freeman, is accused of killing her and has remained on the run.

However, the U.S. Marshals believe Freeman’s body could be located in Royse City, Texas, a town just over 30 miles from Dallas, where his truck was found abandoned.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla said there is no evidence to indicate that Freeman is still alive, and is believed to have died by suicide. 

The U.S. Marshals, along with Texas law enforcement agencies are searching the area where Freeman’s truck was found.

An anthropologist and cadaver dogs will be present to aid the search along the areas of Interstate 30 and Highway 66 in Royse City U.S. Marshal Filla told WFAA.

When THV11 caught up with investigators two years after Freeman disappeared after Hannah’s homicide, Deputy U.S. Marshal Jeremy Hammons said they weren’t planning on giving up.

“The mantra we try to hold to that we’ve held to for 230 years now is that we always get our man, and we fully intend to,” Hammons said.

The search will take place from Tuesday to Thursday. 

A $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to Freeman’s arrest. Marshals say star tattoos on each elbow are among his most distinct features.

“We’re not going to quit until we either have him in custody or we have him identified as being dead,” Hammons said.

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