LRSD Superintendent clears up confusion after an email sparked fear in teachers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — There’s been a lot of confusion for the past 24 hours surrounding an email sent out on Thursday by Little Rock School District Superintendent Michael Poore.

The email was sent to employees affected by school closures and reorganization happening in the district.

Some parents and teachers were under the impression that every teacher who worked at the four schools included in the reorganization resolution would be fired. 

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Poore said he wanted to make it clear on Friday that with moving parts within the district, they are trying to find a home for every employee. 

“It basically simply states that every employee that is being impacted within these four school campuses has a right to apply for any job in the district they are certified to work in,” he said. 

Poore said changes were bound to happen. 

“From really almost two years ago, we knew that there were going to be changes coming to the Little Rock School District through our blueprint,” he said. 

This blueprint that includes the opening of Little Rock Southwest High School, moving Rockefeller students, K-5, to Washington Elementary and the closing of McClellan and J.A. Fair High Schools. 

Poore said on top of that, a different component was added when the state board voted to reconstitute Hall High School into a magnet school. 

“With all those things going on, there are a lot of moving parts that we knew were going to take place with our staff,” he said. 

Poore said by adding on Southwest High, that means there will be 200 more jobs available and turning Hall into a magnet school will make more room for employees. 

Also, he said when Pinnacle View High School turns into West Little Rock High School of Innovation, more students will be in the classroom, which means more teachers will be needed.

“Everyone has the right to apply and we know we are going to have a lot of jobs,” Poore said. 

He said according to the resolution, if employees of these four schools don’t find positions by May, then that is when they could receive a letter of intent from the district that they are not being re-hired. 

For now, Poore is encouraging teachers to get on the website and apply and he his hopeful teachers understand the district is just trying to be transparent and fair. 

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“The people that are quality instructors or certified employees, they are going to find a place in the Little Rock School District,” he said. 

Poore said next steps for the district will start next week with visits to each of the four schools being affected. 

He said the district will also give services, like resume and interview help, to all the teachers who will have to re-apply.