East Village continues to grow with new coffee shop, future businesses to come

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The East Village is quickly becoming one of Little Rock’s hottest areas as more businesses continue to relocate to the neighborhood.

Fidel & Co. is the first coffee shop to give the East Village a shot. It officially opened its doors last Friday.

“We felt like this was an up and coming area,” Fidel Samour said. “We’ve been really excited to see how people have taken us in.”

This business has been a dream come true for owner Fidel Samour.

“About 3-4 years ago I had a dream to open up a roastery,” he said. 

With all the popular new businesses that have also opened up in the East Village within the last two years, Samour saw a lot of potential for a coffee shop.

“Cat Head’s diner is bringing a lot of folks here. Railyard and Count Porkula. “Cromwell moved their headquarters here, Rock Dental moved their headquarters here,” he said.

Merritt Dake is the CEO of Rock Dental Brands, right next door to Fidel and Company.

“Great neighbor. Of course, it’s right in our lobby. It’s really nice to go and get coffee,” Dake said.

Rock Dental moved to the East Village six months ago.

“We just got excited about what was happening over here and kind of the growth opportunities,” Dake said.

He said there’s talk there is about to be even more going on.

“There are a couple restaurants that are looking to move into this direction. Several companies and even some non-profit stuff that are looking to come down here,” Dake said.

Samour’s business may just be getting started, but he’s excited to be a part of the East Village’s growth.

“It’s historical in my opinion,” Samour said.

Fidel & Co. is open Monday through Saturday.

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