String of thefts leads to 2 arrests, 2 remain wanted

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A central Arkansas contractor says he was at a loss for words when he came back to his shop to find everything gone. 

Michael Watkins went home Friday night for the weekend. When he came back the next Monday, all of his tools were gone from his shed. 

“I mean, I’m dead in the water at this point. I have no life. This is my livelihood, this is how I pay my bills,” said Watkins.

More than $70,000 worth of equipment was gone. Someone even took the time to cut the electricity, bash in the locks, and take the security footage.

“It was just devastating. I broke down in tears, honestly, it was so devastating,” said Watkins.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office deputies believed the suspects had a history of thefts.

They arrested Stacey Lynnette Shannon and Krystal Baldwin.

They also have warrants out for Adam Wilson and Craig Phillips for Felony Theft by Receiving.

Finding suspects for these types of cases is not common, but with the help of Watkins and the community, Pulaski County detectives were able to find the culprits. 

“It was pretty critical. He made contact with quite a few folks who were able to get us in contact with other people who had first-hand knowledge of where the stolen property was,” said Pulaski County Detective Brian Cox.

Watkins was able to recover about 40% of his property, so far.

The sheriff’s office said they may be able to connect even more thefts to these suspects.

If you have any information about property thefts in North Little Rock or the Crystal Hill area, call police. 

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