Domestic violence survivor makes signs for clinics to help save victims from their abusers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A domestic violence survivor has called for action.  

JaJuan Archer, the founder of Women’s Own Worth is starting a nationwide initiative right here in central Arkansas in effort to help other domestic violence victims.

“I saw this on Facebook and it’s really a no-brainer,” said Archer.

A picture, posted on Facebook by a national domestic violence group, caught the attention of people all across the nation. It’s a picture of a unique sign found at a doctor’s office.

The sign is designed for restrooms for doctors’ offices and clinics.

They tell patients to write initials on their specimen cup in black ink, like normal, unless they are experiencing violence or abuse. If so, they can write their initials in red.

Attached to the sign are black and red sharpie pens.

“This will alert the clinic that they need to speak with a doctor or provider privately,” said Archer. “This is opening doors to give people the opportunity to use their voice.”

On Friday, Archer took her idea to Arkansas Blue Print in Little Rock, who has agreed to donate the materials to make the signs.

“What she’s doing, people should have been doing 50 years ago,” said Don Campbell, the owner of Arkansas Blue Print.

Campbell is known to give to non-profit organizations in the state, but he believes this action is long overdue.

“You know, I’ve got history of people who’ve worked with me, who were abused and overlooked,” said Campbell. “I’m thankful that I’m blessed to be able to help.”

The company made a handful of signs Friday in a matter of minutes.

“This is going to help them get to shelters, help them get out of their situation,” said Archer.

Right now, Women’s Own Worth is seeking doctors’ offices and clinics who want a sign.

They are free. All you need to do is reach out to the W.O.W organization at

They will then mail your office a sign immediately.

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