White Hall coach who inspired viral challenge loses battle with cancer

WHITE HALL, Ark. — White Hall High School’s head basketball coach, Marc Stringer, has passed away following his courageous battle with cancer. 

Stringer was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer about three years ago and put up a tough fight. He continued to persevere through all of his treatments and surgeries.

A little over a month ago, things started getting worse for Stringer and he was put in the ICU.

That’s when a former student of his started a challenge called ‘The 10 Push-Ups Challenge.’ 

Gyms, schools, and athletes across Arkansas took social media by storm in honor of Stringer, making the challenge go viral.

Stringer’s family tells THV11: “It lifted his spirits so much the last few weeks by being able to watch the push-ups.”

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