Arkansas high school senior makes three-quarter court buzzer beater, wins game

SHERWOOD, Ark. — The crowd roared in Abundant Life Christian Academy’s basketball gym Friday night, and it wasn’t just because they won the game.

It was because they won the game with a three-quarter court buzzer beater.

Abundant Life Christian Academy went up against Maumelle Charter on Friday night. With only three seconds left in the game and Maumelle Charter ahead by two points, the pressure was on.

But when a Maumelle Charter player got set up for his free-throw shot near the end of the game, Abundant Life Senior Jared Meckfessel was ready. 

In the video, you can see the ball bounce off the backboard and Meckfessel picks up the rebound. He dribbles once, throws the ball across the court, and then to everyone’s surprise, makes the winning shot! 

The crowd screamed with excitement as cheerleaders and Meckfessel’s teammates joined him on the court, jumping with joy, on a night he’ll probably never forget.

Abundant Life Christian Academy won against Maumelle Charter, 67 to 66.

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