The city of Augusta, Arkansas is ready for its big break

AUGUSTA, Ark. — We all watched last year as Searcy became the star of season four of “Small Business Revolution.”

Now, another town in Arkansas is hoping to become the chosen one for a brand new HGTV series. 

City leaders said they watched the revitalization of the six small businesses and downtown area of Searcy and immediately thought, “why can’t that be us?”

Mayor Jeff Collins said when they got wind of the new HGTV series “Home Town Takeover,” submitting an application was a no-brainer.

“We’re wanting to be the chosen one this time,” he said. 

Collins said it’s a quaint town on the east bank of the Arkansas White River, that is ready for its big break.

“Maybe just knowing there’s something here will pull them off that highway and get them to downtown Augusta,” he said. 

With over 200 years of history and investments already made in the community with AR Care’s headquarters planting its roots right downtown, Collins said he believes his city is the perfect fit for the new HGTV series “Home Town Takeover.”

“We’re unique in that we can also help. We’re not just here to take what’s given to us,” he said. 

Collins said they proved the town’s got what it takes with their video showcasing the areas of Augusta that they believe need a facelift. 

These areas include Main Street, which is home to their downtown, and their historic houses that give the laid back city its special charm. 

“We have something that people would love to come home to. Let’s give them a reason to come back home,” he said. 

This city Shandon Nichols said he has called home for the last 44 years. 

“Everybody gets along, everybody’s good to each other and everybody’s helpful,” he said. 

Nichols said he is just one of the many small business owners that have chosen to stay in the laid-back town that raised him.

“We needed more business here so I just chose this location to help the city,” he said. 

Nichols said winning the makeover is essential to the city’s growth. 

“We need it, we work hard at what we do here. The city has put forth a lot of effort to make changes and we could use a little help,” he said. 

Collins said these are strides that have been made by the close-knit community that takes pride in their city and leans on each other every step of the way. 

“No matter what the situation is, whether it’s good or bad, we stand together arm and arm,” he said. 

Collins said they are standing as one, ready for their little town to shine. 

“The people make it very much special, we are very blessed right here,” he said. 

Augusta isn’t the only town in Arkansas competing for this series, Blytheville is also hoping they will be the chosen one. 

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