‘I didn’t think it was real’ | Wynne woman wins $300,000 lottery prize

WYNNE, Ark. — According to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, Diane Sharks of Wynne received the call of a lifetime Tuesday morning.

When they told her she had won $300,000 through the Lottery’s Play It Again drawing, she thought it was a scam.

“I didn’t think it was real,” Sharks said. “But the lady told me her name and gave me her phone number that I could call back to verify she really was who she said she was. Plus, she told me I could look on the lottery website where big winners are listed. When I saw my name posted there, I let out a scream. I was so happy.”

Diane’s name was randomly selected from all the eligible entries players had submitted from non-winning tickets.

“In church this past Sunday, I wrote: ‘Lord, whatever you have in store this season, please don’t forget about me.’ This is truly a blessing,” Sharks said.

After being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2015, Sharks had to take a break from work. She returned to work as a certified nursing assistant in September 2019.

Sharks has four children and plans to use the money to do some work on her house.

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