Sherwood sees uptick in car break-ins

SHERWOOD, Ark. — Sherwood police are asking residents to turn in their surveillance video after a recent uptick of car break-ins.

Sgt. Drew Edwards said these break-ins are happening overnight and thieves are strictly checking for unlocked doors.

“We’ve taken multiple different reports,” Sgt. Edwards said.

The break-ins are happening in three different parts of town on different nights.

“There was a group of break-ins that happened on the south side…and then we had some in the central area another night and then we took some reports, I believe, yesterday where some break-ins had happened on the north,” Sgt Edwards said.

This is why the department is asking for neighbors for their surveillance video.

“Even if their car wasn’t broken into. We’d love to have it just to see if the people we suspect breaking into cars have come by their house,” he said.

Those videos can hopefully identify suspects.

“From the videos we’ve seen, it looks like different people. There’s one that looks like it could be some young, teenage age, maybe juveniles wearing some hoodies,” Sgt. Edwards said.

Every single one of these break-ins had one thing in common: vehicles left unlocked.

Shawn Keller is just one of many who had their car broken into overnight in Sherwood. He didn’t have much taken, but hopes this reminds people to lock their doors.

“They stole a watch of mine and some cologne,” Keller said.

So far no one has been arrested. If you think you recognize someone in any of the surveillance videos, call police immediately.

If you have video you’d like police to take a look at, you can post it to the Sherwood Neighborhood Watch Facebook page.

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