Attorney general sued by Kristy Schneider after alleged subpoena to obtain Facebook information

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Kristy Schneider, the mom of a little boy we’ve done several stories on, is suing the Attorney General Leslie Rutledge for issuing a subpoena to Facebook.

Jeff Rosenzweig, the attorney for Schneider said, “we don’t know what this is about and the attorney general won’t tell us. We are trying to find out, but the material they are asking for is not public and in some cases, we feel will be privileged.”

In November, it was reported that Schneider was being investigated by the Saline County Sheriff’s Office after a search warrant was executed at her home. 

We weren’t told what investigators found or what they were looking for.

According to the lawsuit, Rutledge issued the subpoena to Facebook, Inc. for “copies of the Facebook messages sent and received by the Account from the page’s original inception to present,” including copies of posts made by Schneider, list of IP addresses from which Schneider’s account was created, among other information.

Attorney General Rutledge said her office has yet to be officially served with the lawsuit and therefore can’t comment at this time.

The lawsuit states that the attorney general is using the subpoena to “rummage through Schneider’s adult life.”

Schneider also argues the Attorney General’s office “has refused to inform her or her counsel what about Schneider is being investigated,” and she said this violates her rights under the Fourth Amendment and Article 2 Section 15 of the Arkansas Constitution.

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