Video: Steve Womack Honors David Glass, Forrest Wood on House Floor

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U.S. Rep. Steve Womack, R-Ark., this week honored two late businessmen with Arkansas ties on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Womack on Wednesday spoke about David Glass, a former Walmart Inc. CEO, and Forrest Wood, the founder of Ranger Boats. Glass, a Missouri native who also owned the Kansas City Royals, died Jan. 9 at 84. Wood, born in Flippin (Marion County), died Saturday at 87.

Womack noted that Glass, hired by Walmart founder Sam Walton in 1976, helped “further unleash the potential” of the retailer, transforming it “from a rural chain” into an “international business.”

Womack on Glass

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“During his tenure as CEO, he led the building of supercenters, introduced the sale of grocery items, helped develop automated distribution centers, and increased international acquisitions and operations,” Womack said. “He advanced the company into the future while maintaining the founding principles of Sam Walton. He might not admit it — but much of the success of Walmart and growth of our region is a reflection of his work.”

A memorial service for Glass took place Monday in Rogers.

Womack said Wood “reflected everything the Natural State has to offer,” and that his iconic fishing brand, Ranger Boats, “quickly became a household name in America.”

Womack on Wood

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“He soon went from producing 6 to 600 boats — and his novel concept became the modern bass boat. Forrest’s ingenuity and vision transformed the boating and fishing industry across the nation,” Womack said. “No one I know of has loved or served Arkansas’ great outdoors more than Forrest. Whether as an entrepreneur, instructor, or former chairman of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission — he was committed to ensuring people enjoy the outdoors for generations to come.”

Wood’s funeral took place Wednesday in Flippin.