9-year-old Hannah in need of devoted forever family

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In a partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, THV11 and Dawn Scott wanted to bring you Hannah’s story.

The 9-year-old’s story of survival alone is incredible, but as with most children waiting for their forever family in the foster care system, there’s much more than that.

From the moment we arrived at The Painted Pig, a local DIY art studio, you could tell 9-year old Hannah was something else.

From imitating how the ceramic llama she chose to paint might sound, to pretending it’s a spa day for the creature she named Casey, Hannah’s imagination is boundless.

She really holds nothing back, especially when it comes to food.

“I like to eat ice cream, cake and sweets, and Mexican and sushi,” she answered when asked her favorite food. 

Monica Spencer, the woman responsible for finding Hannah’s adoptive home, knows the 9-year-old well.

“Hannah is a 9-year-old cheerful young lady, she loves playing games on her tablet, she loves school and she loves collecting dolls,” Spencer said. 

But what’s not so easy for Hannah to discuss, is what she’s missing.

“Me and my sister have been separated for, like, 6 years now,” Hannah said. 

“Our mom couldn’t take care of us and nobody wanted to take care of us except for my mom, and she passed.” 

Spencer shares that Hannah’s been up for adoption for a while. She’s faced delays because of the neglect she suffered. She doesn’t just need any family, Spencer said, she needs the right one.

“Hannah is in need of a devoted, committed and structured family who will nurture her to be the best she can be,” Spencer said.

The nine-year-old is ready, she said, to find her forever family.