Cabot students bring legends to life with living wax museum

CABOT, Ark. — Adele, Albert Einstein, Billie Eilish, and Abraham Lincoln were among the celebrities who visited Westside Elementary School in Cabot on Thursday.

Well, sort of.

Fourth-grade students portrayed their favorite superstars and historical figures for the school’s annual Living Wax Museum.

The students researched their character and wrote a paper about them in the weeks leading up to the display. On Thursday, they dressed up in costume and “came to life” as their character when someone pushed a button on their hand.

“They have buy-in because they are the ones that actually chose the person they’re studying,” Assistant Principal Michelle Atherton said. “Anytime they’re interested and the students have buy-in, it’s going to have much more meaning for them.”

The project also helped students meet required standards in public speaking, as they gave a prepared speech in-character to those in attendance.

Alaina Eichler chose Dolly Parton as her subject.

“I kind of just want to educate people about Dolly Parton because she’s kind of an older singer, so not many kids know about her so I would like to introduce her back to the younger kids,” Eichler said.

Watch the video above for a glimpse at some of the other celebrities depicted in the Living Wax Museum.

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