‘Taylor Swift: Miss Americana’ offers an open look into the singer’s life

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Once a Swiftie, always a Swiftie. But… does the new Netflix documentary Taylor Swift: Miss Americana have the power behind it to change a hater into a lover?

If you think you’re going to watch a documentary all about the making of Taylor’s new album and how her latest love interest has changed her life, you’re sorely mistaken.

Before you watch the documentary, you need to get past two things first.

One: Yes, she’s rich. She has rich people problems and she somewhat acknowledges that in the documentary, but she also has very relatable problems.

Two: This is a completely one-sided view of her life; a view where she’s been victimized since the start of her career. 

If you can get past that, and hopefully you can, you’ll find an “alright” documentary. But to Taylor’s super fans, it’s probably one of the best movies ever.

In the documentary, Taylor talked a lot about how horrible she felt when she heard people say negative things about her and how she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin a lot of the time. The vulnerability is something most people can relate to.

There’s no denying that this part of her makes her a great role model. The audience can finally see a side that humanizes her, rather than one that makes her this untouchable icon.

Later in the documentary, politics becomes a huge topic.

With Taylor Swift starting out as a country musician in Nashville, it was pretty widely assumed that Taylor was a Republican behind closed doors. We see in the documentary, that’s very much not the case as she spoke out against a Republican woman running for Senator in Tennessee.

This leads into a lot of talk about what it’s like to be a woman in today’s world, and how she’s learning to remove the misogyny from her own mind.

At one point, she states: “I want to wear pink and tell you how I feel about politics.”

The politics of it all does take up quite a bit of the documentary, so if you’re not into that, maybe go watch her Reputation Tour documentary.

Overall, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana is a fun watch if you have free time, but don’t set your expectations too high. 

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