First-time expecting mothers experiencing pregnancy alone amid COVID-19 outbreak

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A once in a lifetime moment is now even more a source of stress for expecting mothers.

With strict limitations in place at clinics and hospitals, many first-time moms are experiencing pregnancy alone.

“I’m worried for myself, my family, my daughter,” said Madison Wolff, who’s pregnant with her first child.

Wolff will be welcoming her daughter into the world any day now.

“It’s a moment you’ll never relive. It’s a moment you’ll never get back,” said Wolff.

Her pregnancy journey started out like many others — exciting, promising — but now, she says it’s become terrifying.

She can now only go to baby check-ups alone and under strict screening.

Wolff hasn’t left her house or visited with friends and family since the COVID- 19 outbreak started in an effort to protect her unborn child.

“You know, these pleasures of becoming a new mom have been robbed,” said Wolff. “Unfortunately, for both of our parents, it will be their first time being grandparents. We don’t know when they’ll get to hold or see the baby.”

Natalie Passmore is also expecting.

She’s due in May with her baby boy, Parker, and she recently had to cancel her baby shower, leaving preparation more of a struggle.

“How things are going to be different when he gets here, that’s what has us most anxious right now,” said Ethan Passmore, Natalie’s husband.

The Passmore’s have already been told by doctors that only one person can be in her delivery room and no visitors are allowed.

“They are even having more restrictions, like if the baby is in the NICU, only one parent is allowed to be around the baby,” said Natalie.

Even though both moms said times are filled with fear and uncertainty, both said they are clinging to faith.

“We are going to have beautiful babies, healthy babies, and that’s what matters,” said Wolff.

“It’s something we will be able to talk about as parents and something he will be able to talk about and say, ‘Hey I made it through this. Look at me now,’” said Ethan.

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