Craig O’Neill gives a tour of his house | Craig’s Twist

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Once again, welcome to my house where we’ve been observing our social distancing on THV11. 

I have been at this kitchen table every night and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but every night, the paintings behind me have changed. 

But hey, when you’re married to an artist, go with it. 

And this is why I wanted to take a break from the virus talk and take you on a tour. I want to show you how my wife Jane has produced a home where the walls don’t close in, they open up whole new worlds.

I don’t live in a house, it’s a gallery of unusual people.

Everywhere you turn, there’s a feeling that you’ve become a part of some fantastic story or some three-dimensional character you’d swear just talked to you.

Like the Katrina box that speaks with a New Orleans accent or the little girl with a granddaughter’s voice, wearing a magical creativity hat.

Paintings of comfort and joy — the bird lady watching over you or the little boy finding strength in the horse of his dream.

The characters watch over you, like the angel at the top of the stairs… Or the angel that is for all of us, everywhere, right now — the angel of hope.

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