Little Rock mayor says if you see large gatherings of people, contact authorities

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — After this Sunday’s “corona parade,” Little Rock’s mayor said he would issue a ‘stay at home’ order if he could.

Tuesday, Governor Asa Hutchinson gave cities a little more flexibility to make changes within their city limits.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic public emergency has arrived here in the city of Little Rock, our team has taken a number of precautionary measures to protect lives in our city,” Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said.

He said he’s taking every precaution to slow the spread of the disease.

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“First, limiting of gatherings to restrictions for restaurants and bars, to take-out, delivery, and curbside pickup. As well as giving them the creativity to become boutique grocery stores,” he said.

He also issued a curfew and followed it up with an extension to help reduce large social gatherings. 

“We’re taking every measure possible within our authority,” he said.

However, he’s concerned about residents not taking this issue seriously. 

A large gathering over the weekend made him worry about everyone’s safety.

“First, it’s definitely deeply disappointing and disturbing when individuals are not thinking of others. And so I ask that individuals who are continuing to make these types of decisions… you’re not only hurting yourself, you’re hurting your loved ones,” he said.

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If you’re concerned about a large gathering of people, even in grocery stores, he said to let someone know.

“For a situation like that, please notify the authorities and we will look into it. It is our goal to educate and engage our residents to understand not only the city mandates but also the state mandates,” he said.

There will be a virtual town hall Friday at noon. You can find it online here or LRTV 11. 

You can submit any questions you have now at that site.