Strategy goes on a chaotic journey on Survivor: Winners at War

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Wow. Just wow.

We could break down every part of the episode, but honestly we just want to talk about the chaotic lead up to tribal and the even more chaotic tribal.

So let’s get chaotic.

We come back from the immunity challenge that Kim just won and everyone proceeds to go bonkers.

The amount of names thrown out is mind boggling. Almost everyone gets mentioned as a target within a five minute period on the show and it’s nuts.

Nick wants revenge for the Wendell vote out, Tony wants to keep the big threats together and all the while Adam and Ben are creating probably the defining moment of this episode.

The two sneak away to talk and their big brother-little brother relationship rears its head up again. Ben wants to know why Adam is bringing up his name and Adam proceeds to do a very not good job a lying and Ben walks off in a huff.

That bleeds over into tribal, where Jeff is trying to suss out why everyone is playing so passive.

And that snowballs into a whisper session, which then leads into an argument between Adam and Ben, which then leads into even more whispering.

At this point, Adam has completely lost his mind and seems to be driving the whole tribe up a wall.

They finally vote and Adam decides to check a fleur de lis on Jeff’s podium to see if it’s an idol. It is not. He gets voted out.

A lot to process, but after this episode we don’t think anyone is playing passive any longer.

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