Website helps Arkansans know where to find open restaurants, locally grown food amid COVID-19 pandemic

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — UpliftArkansas launched a couple of weeks ago. At first, it allowed the restaurant and retail industry to update its hours and services for people.

Business owners and restaurant managers can upload real-time information and control their listings on the website as they adapt their operations to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, it’s most recent addition is bringing another layer of support to those in need. 

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“It’s shifted so much now that schools are closed,” said Sarah Lane, Farm to School Coordinator. “Farmers are also shifting their markets to be more online, and so we realized this is a crucial time to be a connector for farmers, families, schools, and individuals.”

With a newly formed partnership with the Arkansas Department of Agriculture, the website now features a food access map.

“It provides all kinds of information of where you can find local grown produce nearby, how they are providing those services, whether it’s a farm stand or they are providing delivery services,” said Gretchen Hall, CEO and President of Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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You can also see where pick-up meals can be found during school closings. Food pantries are listed as well. 

“There’s a constant not knowing what’s happening next in our world, so providing this one sense of security for where you can find food and where our kids can be fed is really incredible,” said Lane.

To find UpliftArkansas’ website click here.