Little Rock man lends UAMS nurses RV while they treat patients, limiting exposure to family

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Little Rock man is lending his RV to two UAMS nurses for as long as they need it so they can help limit the exposure of COVID-19 to their families.

“It really impressed upon me that people are generally good,” Alice Hoggatt said.

Alice Hoggatt and her daughter are both nurses at UAMS, getting ready to treat COVID-19 patients in their units as Arkansas nears its peak.

“We are well prepared and expect,” Hoggatt said.

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Her daughter has three small children, worried they both could potentially expose them.

“In an effort to keep the children away from any exposure, we were looking for a way for us to be totally away from them while we’re working,” Hoggatt said.

So, Alice posted in the Facebook Group “RVs for MDs” if anyone in Arkansas had one available.

“Probably within 30 minutes, got the sweetest message from Jayson, saying ‘Hey, I have this RV, it’s available, you’re welcome to it,'” she said

The owner, Jayson Meeker, quickly had it set up for them.

“My RV was sitting in a storage facility waiting for me to use it to go camping,” Meeker said.

He knew letting Hoggatt and her daughter use it for the time being was the least he could do.

“This is an opportunity, not being a healthcare worker, to do something a little bit above and beyond to try to make it so that I feel like I’m doing my part,” Meeker said.

He is letting them use it free of charge for as long as it takes to fight this pandemic.

“He said, ‘You know, I’m thinking it’s going through the summer. Don’t worry about it. It’s here for you. Stay as long as you need to,'” Hoggatt said.

She said the RV is everything her and her daughter could ask for.

“It is perfect! Very beautiful. Very comfortable,” Hoggatt said.

Jayson may have been total stranger, but it shows we can all be a hero during these uncertain times.

“I can tell you now, he’s a lifelong friend,” Hoggatt said. “Not only did he provide a place for comfort but he could have very well saved our lives. So, I’m just eternally grateful.”

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