Local photographer captures quarantine life during COVID-19 pandemic

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — This is a historic time for us and some people are trying to capture these moments forever.

Noelle Buttry is taking a unique approach to documenting the COVID-19 pandemic by taking pictures of people in their homes through their windows.

“It just shows how we’ve all had to change during this time, how we’ve all had to adjust, and the lengths we will go to to see our loved ones,” said Buttry.

The inspiration came from the empty streets. She first started taking pictures of the lifeless roadways during the night. Then, she started looking to the indoors where people were gathered.

She’s taken pictures of a daughter visiting her 90-year-old mother in assisted living. 

She’s captured the bright eyes of kids in daycare as the teacher tries to keep her business open, so essential workers have a place to keep their kids while they work.

She’s also captured a grandmother taking a McDonald’s Happy Meal to her grandson. She couldn’t go inside the house, so she visited with him while he stayed on the balcony.

Buttry discovered that everyone has a quarantine story.

After taking dozens of families’ photos who are making the best of an uncertain time, she hopes this can some day show others what life was like during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“How photographers captured the Dust Bowl and the Depression. This is something we have never experienced before, and I feel like it’s capturing a part of history,” said Buttry.

Buttry added this has changed the way she looks at her artwork and she wants to continue her documentary style of picture-taking.

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