Little Rock dad tries to ‘school’ kids on scooter tricks, takes the ultimate fall

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Most of us are stuck at home and trying to find something to do with the extra time on our hands. 

One Little Rock dad is reminding us to choose those activities wisely.

Dr. James Washburn decided to use his time on Friday to “school” his kids on scooter tricks. As it turns out, the scooter tricks got the best of him. 

He said he was in the middle of demonstrating the “bunny hop” when he took the ultimate fall, and luckily for all of us, his home camera captured it.

He posted the video to the Nextdoor app, saying, “I hope that this all makes you laugh and if anyone is looking for lessons please let me know.”

Thank you, Dr. Washburn — for giving us all a little bit of laughter in a time we could all use it.

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