Arkansans step up to honor healthcare heroes

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Every day, thousands of people across Arkansas are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic — treating sick patients and keeping hospitals running. Through all of it, members of the community are making sure those healthcare workers feel supported.

“We’ve seen this tremendous outpouring of care from our community, which is wonderful,” UAMS volunteer coordinator Marcia Dunbar said. “From people making these amazing cloth masks, which we really need for our staff, to restaurants and individuals donating food to our frontline staff.”

Donations to UAMS have also included scrubs, 3D printed face shields, personal protective equipment, and other items in high demand right now.

Each and every gesture provides UAMS staff with hope during otherwise uncertain times, according to Dunbar.

“I just want people to understand how appreciative we are of the support,” she said. “It’s ongoing; we’re in this for the long haul. It’s not going to be over tomorrow, and so every little piece helps.

People wishing to donate meals or other items to UAMS employees are asked to coordinate drop-off with the Volunteer Services Department. The office can be reached by phone at 501-686-5657, or via email.

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