People can’t stop freaking whispering on Survivor: Winners at War

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — All season long, the winners have been playing like they are afraid to take the next step. It’s a passive game.

But now there is no more room for passive moves. Everything thing from here on out is a big move and although it doesn’t feel like it on the surface, tonight’s vote out is a big move that should shape the final tribal council.

Tony is a force of nature and he seems unstoppable at this moment in time. Once he turned on the chaos switch, he seems to be hell bent on bringing back Cagayan Tony.

And honestly, that’s a good thing. Tony plays at his best when chaos takes over and this is the perfect group to instill that type of gameplay.

Ben is one of the most paranoid players ever, Jeremy is constantly living on being voted out and Nick, Michele, Kim and Denise are fighting to just figure out a path forward.

But no one can get rid of Tony it seems. Partly because he keeps winning immunity and partly because he has a solid alliance with Ben and Sarah.

Kim ends up getting voted out tonight and although none of the advantages were played, it’s pretty clear we might be heading to another advantage-geddon.

While they can be compelling television, you have to wonder at what point does that novelty wear off?

My prediction: The final tribal will either feature a trio of Tony, Sarah, Ben or Nick, Michele, Denise. Sorry Jeremy, but you’ll have to move mountains to get there.

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