‘Adopt-a-Senior’ movement helping celebrate Class of 2020 in Arkansas

GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. — A Garland County woman created a Facebook page to honor high school seniors after graduation was canceled during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Scroll through the page, find a senior, and then you adopt that senior,” Shenetta Boyd said.

Boyd felt bad for seniors in her community who are missing out on once-in-a-lifetime events.

She created the Garland County Adopt a Senior Facebook group where high school seniors can post their graduation picture, and community members can adopt them, buy them a gift, and lift their spirits.

“When I say adopt, I mean you take them under your wings, call and check on them, send them a gift,” she explained.

“I like to do my eyebrows, so I got an eyebrow kit, someone sent me hair scrunchies, which I’m obsessed with, and someone got me a jar of money, I wasn’t expecting that,” said Olivia Rondoni, a Hot Springs High School senior. “Everyone is so nice for doing this.”

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Trever Wilkerson is a Lake Hamilton High School senior.

He received a surprise gift Friday from a woman he’s never met.

“She was so sweet,” Wilkerson said. “It brightened my day when I saw her pull up. It was out of nowhere.”

Wilkerson said he got a gift card and a basket of his favorite snacks.

“It’s a blessing. I’m very grateful for the community,” he said.

Boyd said there’s hundreds of seniors on the page that haven’t been adopted, but there’s more time to show them support.

“Go and find someone. There’s plenty of seniors on there,” Boyd said. “It’s every school district in Garland County.”

If you are a senior in a Garland County school, you have until May 8th to submit your picture to the Garland County Adopt a Senior Facebook page.

If you are adopting one of those seniors, you have until May 18th to deliver their gift.

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