Arkansas barbershops, salons reopen under new rules

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Arkansas barbershops, salons, and other cosmetic businesses were given the “ok” to open May 6, but they’re under a new set of rules.

Stylists and clients can expect lots of changes.

Angee Adcock and Melissa Connlley enjoy welcoming their regular clients at the District 5 Salon Company.

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“It’s just been such an inviting place before and now we’re not able to do that,” Connlley said.

But Wednesday morning, opening doors looked very different.

“I kind of had some anxiety, you know, because I wasn’t sure what all the requirements would be,” Connlley said.

It was their first day opening back up under the Arkansas Department of Health’s new regulations for barbershops, salons, and several other establishments.

Salons must take extra steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“When you arrive here, you call us, you’re to stay in your car and then we have a stylist come out and greet you at your car,” Connlley said.

Some new rules include pre-screening customers for COVID-19 symptoms before appointments, as well as pre-screening employees.

“We provide be scheduled to properly clean and disinfect. Then we provide you with a mask and gloves and then we have you come into the salon and then we can start your service on you then,” Connlley said.

They miss the feeling of community they had prior to the changes.

“Before, people would come in and they would go to our coffee bar and they would have, you know, a cold bottle of water. But you know, no extra people are allowed in the salon,” Adcock said.

But, they want to do what they can to protect clients.

Even if it’s out of the ordinary.

“We closed our salon a week before the mandate came out because we want to be compliant. We want to try and help our community if it’s going to help at all. We want to do our part,” Connlley said.

They want to help style hair for those who aren’t working from home and need nice haircuts.

“As far as clients go, they’re glad to see us and they’re compliant and it’s been a great morning here,” Connlley said.

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The measures are tedious and they just hope it helps.

You can find full details about the regulations here.

Anyone who doesn’t comply with the Directives of ADH, could face criminal and civil penalties.