Crescent Hotel keeping social distancing in mind as they prepare to reopen

EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. — For over 130 years, it has thrown open its doors to visitors from across the country. On May 15, those doors will open very slowly.

“We recognize there’s a lot of eyes on the Crescent Hotel and how we reopen, and we’re going to reopen as cautiously as possible,” said Jack Moyer, general manager of the Crescent Hotel.

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In consultation with the Governor’s Office, the health department, and other hotels like the Peabody in Memphis, you’ll see changes.

“Not the entire hotel will be rented; just 50% of the hotel we’ll rent. We will give everyone a mask upon arrival,” Moyer said.

In addition to the mask, guests get an assurance policy.

“The protocols that we publish are promised from our hotel to our travelers that this is what we will be doing within the hotel,” he said.

Signs will be everywhere, reaffirming most of those protocols. There will be no more than three guests to a room and if you want breakfast, you’ll have to use room service instead of the usual buffet.

But with so many rules now, does anyone want to come?

“We had 18 bookings the first day. We’ve had 14 bookings so far today, so people are ready to get back. They’re ready to be back in Eureka Springs,” Moyer said.

Most guest services the hotel is famous for will be up and running, but with social distancing in mind.

“We won’t be doing our ghost tours quite yet. That’ll be a Phase 2 opportunity. But, we will be doing ghost stories. So, our guides will come in. We’ll have a spaced gathering,” he added.

And if you’re wondering if the ghosts have been social distancing…

“We have been very active, as you might imagine. The Crescent empty is quite a place. In fact, I got a little freaked out,” Moyer said.

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The hotel with a million stories has a new one to tell.

The hotel will only rent on weekends and no room will be rented back to back until thoroughly cleaned and inspected.