Teachers create guide to help keep students on track for school next year

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — It was the ultimate curve ball for education when the pandemic shut down in-class instruction for the rest of this academic year, but teachers saw the looming consequences. 

Kids were not going to meet the level of learning standards that they would during a normal year. 

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So, as teachers do best, they planned and created the Arkansas Playbook.

“They worked really hard to make sure this playbook was very intentional and very thorough,” said Arkansas Department of Education’s Special Projects Director Missy Walley.

The guide first determines what the learning criteria is that kids should meet in each grade.

Teachers broke down what should be taught in class; what is being taught, but not grasped by students; and what is not being taught, but should be included in the curriculum.

Then, it provides recommended lesson plans and resources to help teachers make sure their students are meeting those goals.

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The Arkansas Playbook will include lessons in English, Language, Arts, and Math for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

“It is to serve as a guide,” said Walley. “If the schools see they don’t want to use the units, we have provided the blank templates, so the schools can understand how we went through the process.”

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The Arkansas Playbook can be found here.

Lesson plans will be available either this weekend or early next week.