You can update your home for less than $10 by painting your front door

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It is our biggest investment — our home. If we told you that you could change the look of it, update it, for less than $10, you may not believe it — but you’re about to!

THV11’s Rob Evans shows us how to paint your front door and your door frame with a color that will pop.

“The door frame had been heavily damaged,” he said, “the door has rings where the locks used to be.” 

After cleaning up the work area, the first thing is to take off the hardware. You can leave the door hanging if you don’t mind leaving it slightly open for a few hours while the paint dries. 

Sand down the front door and the trim lightly so the paint will stick. You may have to sand the frame down all the way to bare wood if it’s badly damaged, then prime it with an outdoor primer before you paint. 

For the molding, you can use liquid sander. Pop off the weather seal to make it easier to paint. If it is chewed up by your dog, it’s easy to replace for seven or eight dollars at a hardware store. 

It’s time to paint, and Rob chose a four-inch foam roller. 

If you wait until the roller is almost dry, you can do the detail work of the door without getting drips.

.A couple of light coats later, and you are done. If you like the colors he chose, the door is called Tornado Season by Behr and the trim is called Studio Clay. 

The secret to the low price is you can get indoor and outdoor paint samples for between $3 and $5. Some stores have samples as large as a quart, which is plenty for the project.

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