Arkansans kneel in solidarity during 8th day of Little Rock protests

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Protests continued at the Capitol for the 8th day in a row.

Movements for justice started earlier in the day with a rally for peace at Hoover United Methodist Church.  

“White ally-ship must be more than just good intentions and statements of solidarity,” a speaker said.

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With signs, t-shirts, and a longing for peace, crowds gathered at the steps of the church.

Together, they kneeled as a symbol of solidarity.

“Not only did people of color hear this message, but they heard it from a person who is white. How important it is for white people to be a part of this movement of dismantling systematic racism,” Just Communities of Arkansas Donald Wood said.

Leaders in the movement for equality spoke about what it means to be a ‘white ally’ to people of color.

“The number one thing is, especially if you’re a white person, is to just listen to people of color. Listen. Stop, listen, and learn about what you can do, what we can do as white people,” Wood said.

Being an ally is what Leslie Heister wants to teach her children to do.

“It’s important for me, I mean I believe in, white silence is white consent like the sign says. I’m a mother, I have two young daughters and I want this world to change. I don’t want this to keep happening over and over again,” attendee Leslie Heister said.

The crowd recites the names of those who have been killed, a list Edward Jones fears.

“I’m here to make a stand because I’m the next victim, I’m the next one to be dead if we don’t stand to go to the mountain top and stand on Martin Luther King’s dream then we will fall,” attendee Edward Jones said.

Jones said this is a step in the right direction, and he looks forward to what’s next.

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“Dr. Martin Luther King also spoke that we need to get to the mountain top. It’s time to get to the mountain top and if we don’t take this time to get there, we will not see it,” Jones said.