‘Be nice, be you, be different’: Local 9-year-old boy creates t-shirts to spread kindness

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — 9-year-old Caleb Harris and his mother Tiffany were looking for activities to do while he was out of school during the pandemic. 

“Me and my mom did tie-dyes one day, and I was listening to a song that day, and it’s called ‘Be Nice,'” said Caleb.

The tune soon became his mantra and sparking an idea that is now inspiring dozens of people.

He is creating t-shirts with messages of kindness. A small gesture he hopes will be a big hit.

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“It’s okay to be yourself. It’s okay to be different. You should be a leader and not a follower,” said Caleb.

The t-shirts are tie-dyed with the message, “Be nice, be you, be different.”

Caleb’s mom helps him make and sell the shirts. She said Caleb is always wanting to help people in any way he can.

“You know, we’ll be driving down the road and he sees someone and he wants to give them a dollar. He wants to buy them lunch,” said Tiffany, Caleb’s mom.

“Now with his is message encouraging kids to be themselves and to be nice, especially in the world we live in today. His dad and I are just so proud of him,” said Tiffany.

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Caleb is already seeing how kindness can impact the world. He has received several positive comments and has sold several shirts.

For more information about Caleb’s shirts click here.