More tests do not produce more COVID-19 cases, they reveal them | Craig’s Twist

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — A new COVID-19 showdown has developed. At first, it was facts versus fear. Then, it was health versus economy. Then, science versus sustainability. And now the latest: phase versus wave.

Do we enter into new phases of reopening while faced with mounting evidence we’ve got a new wave of cases and hospitalizations and deaths on our hands?

Do we continue to hunker down even though it has really gotten to be tiresome?

Or do we start getting out more, hoping that people will stay mindful of masks and distance?

Our emotions say yes. The numbers say no.

With all due respect to the governor, one thing we need to remember is that testing does not cause new cases. It reveals new cases, but doesn’t cause them. COVID-19 does that. 

We know that’s true because, if there weren’t new cases, there wouldn’t be new hospitalizations.

Also, with all due respect to President Trump, a mask does not represent weakness. It represents good sense. It represents respect for an airborne disease that is unmerciful. It frees you. Doesn’t oppress you.

Masks are the real answer to phase versus wave. 

It brings to mind the wonderful mask I saw online. Someone had a larger than normal mask that read: “You know I’m doing this for you.”

Nothing can end a debate like a smile, even if it’s one you cannot see.

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