North Little Rock launches entertainment district in Argenta

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — North Little Rock is launching a new entertainment district less than a year after Little Rock launched one of its own.

“It’s going to feel a lot like New Orleans down here,” said Kyle Owen, general manager of Cregeen’s Irish Pub.

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Owen said his restaurant is just one of many Argenta businesses participating in the entertainment district.

“People can purchase a drink, take it outside within the boundaries,” said Owen.

“If we are going to do it, let’s do it now, let’s do it properly. I think we’ve got a good plan. It’s going to start immediately,” said North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith.

Beginning Monday, signs will be established at the perimeters of the Entertainment District in Argenta.

Participating restaurants will provide plastic open containers for people to take alcoholic beverages outside.

People are only allowed to carry beverages bought in the district by participating restaurants.

Each business will have a designated decal.

This also means more outdoor dining and events.

“It’s going to just open up a ton of possibilities,” said Owen. “You can walk from place to place and catch live music, do the art walk.”

While Cregeen’s is preparing for the transition, Mayor Smith hopes this move is a boost for businesses devastated by COVID-19.

“I’m very happy if I’m giving them just one more tool to make a living,” said Smith.

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Mayor Smith has also signed an executive order to provide further relief for all North Little Rock restaurants.

It allows every restaurant to provide outdoor dining right now without a permit.

For more information on participating businesses and the district boundaries, visit