Arkansas restaurants begin preparing for Phase 2 of reopening

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Earlier this week, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced Arkansas would proceed to Phase 2 of reopening the economy.

This included allowing restaurants to have customers fill up to 2/3 capacity while maintaining social distancing.

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“We’ve missed everybody, so it’s going to be fun to see people coming through the door and smile at them through those masks,” said David’s Burgers Owner David Alan Bubbus.

David’s Burgers has closed dine-in services since COVID-19 hit Arkansas, but that’s soon about to change.

Next week, the restaurant will start allowing customers to sit down and eat inside.

“We’ll have our buildings spaced out to make sure we meet the requirements to have everyone distanced,” said Bubbus. “We’ll have to keep markings on the floor to keep everyone spread out.”

Other Arkansas chains are also getting ready for the influx of people.

Tacos 4 Life will be allowing more people into their establishments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be able to accommodate 2/3 capacity.

“It’s really going to be a matter at the end of the day, can we keep the distancing in place more so than the seat count,” said Tacos 4 Life Co-Founder Austin Samuelson.

He said Tacos 4 Life will continue to follow the Arkansas Department of Health guidelines and requiring people to wear a mask when they come in to order.

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U.S. Pizza Company’s C.O.O. said they also will not be allowing 2/3 capacity in their restaurants. Some locations will add 2 – 8 more tables for more people to dine-in. There will also be more patio seating as well.

Phase 2 will begin on Monday, June 15.